The First Christian Church of Kent (FCC) is seeking a Custodian to clean the church on a part-time basis. The Custodian will provide Custodial services as an employee of First Christian Church of Kent.    As compensation FCC Kent shall pay $450.00 monthly base pay for the services including 16 hours paid vacation. Sick leave, disability leave and emergency leave shall be negotiated with and approved by the Minister/ Pastor.  Additional non-paid days may also be negotiated.

To apply for this position please send a cover letter, resume, and the address or phone number of two references to: 

First Christian Church

335 W. Main St.

Kent, OH 44240

Attn.: Personnel Committee

Services to be performed is as follows:

  1. The Church will be cleaned at least 2 days during the week.  Once on Tuesday and one time on either Friday or Saturday for a total of 8 hours per week. This may be performed at the custodial staff's discretion however, the set duties on set dates must be done on those assigned times.
  2. The Church will supply all the cleaning equipment and supplies.  It is The Custodian’s responsibility to notify the Trustees if supplies are needed or cleaning equipment needs repaired or needs replaced.

Weekly Responsibilities include the following:

  • Vacuum all carpeted areas in the Church (Narthex, Sanctuary, classrooms, and hallways).  
  • Stairs, landings, and entrances vacuumed and stair ledges wiped.
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces (furniture, pulpit, communion table, piano and organ).  
  • Dust railings, window sills, and pews.
  • Bathroom floors damp mopped with a germicidal disinfectant solution.
  • Bathroom sinks, counters, walls, ledges, stalls, urinals, and partitions cleaned and disinfected to remove dirt, splash marks.
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, and soap dispensers filled.
  • Clean all fingerprints, and smudges when found through out building.
  • Bright metal parts polished.
  • Mirrors cleaned and dry shined.
  • Hard surface floors dusted and damp mopped as needed.
  • Clean water fountains and polish.
  • Remove cobwebs from all areas.
  • All waste baskets emptied and bags replaced before Sunday Morning. All trash and waste baskets emptied and the trash bin(s) taken to the Main Street curb Tuesday before Wednesday morning pickup.                    
  • Recycle containers emptied and recycle bin(s)  also taken to the Main Street curb Tuesday before Wednesday morning pickup.                           
  • Bethany Hall floor dusted and spot mopped as needed.

 Monthly Responsibilities include the following:

  • Bethany Hall and the kitchen floors dusted and damp mopped before Saturday morning exercise class (10am,) and following our Spaghetti Dinners (first Friday of the month.)
  • Sacristy cleaned.
  • All door and window glass washed at the Church’s two primary entrances.
  • Light fixtures dusted or cleaned. Notify Trustees if light bulbs need replaced.
  • All bookshelves cleaned & dusted.

 Monthly Or As Needed

  • Attempt to remove spots on carpet by hand.  Notify the Trustees of any carpet stains that cannot be removed my hand.
  • Clean any window glass when needed for smudges and finger prints.
  • Custodial Closet cleaned and organized.

Special Events (Weddings, Funerals, Large meetings)  A fee of $75 will be paid to the custodian when cleaning up after a special event is necessary.  Adequate notice will be given to the custodian for scheduling the time for these events.

  • Clean rooms and empty trash so rooms are ready for Sunday morning.
  • Vacuum floors if needed.

NOTE: THE FOLLOWING DUTIES MAY BE ADDED WITH ADDITIONAL PAYMENT TO THE CUSTODIAN at a rate of $12.50 per Hour and not to exceed 4 hours per session.


  • Kitchen Floor cleaned under mats and dish carts.
  • Bathroom floors scrubbed and waxed.
  • All Doors wiped down with a damp cloth.
  • All ventilation louvers cleaned.
  • Upholsters chairs and couches vacuumed.
  • Bethany Hall, kitchen, and restroom floors stripped as needed and re-waxed.
  • All other hard surface floors not covered by weekly, or monthly cleaning should be dusted and mopped.