Title Pub Date First Name Last Name Subject Categorysort descending
Teen Sexuality: Decisions and Choices Rench, Janice E.

sexuality is not just sex

My Tummy Talked in Church Today 2007 Christy Colby Heno


Hope in the Night 2002 Peace Together


Why Wait? (What You Need to Know About the Teen Sexuality Crisis) Josh and Dick Day McDowell

sexual ethics, parenting

Lamb Is Joyful 2004 Mary Manz Simon


If I Were a Carpenter Frye Gaillard
Spark Story Bible. Spark a Journey through God's Word 2015 Debra Thorpe Hetherington, Ed

Bible Stories

Women in the Maze 1992 Ruth A. Tucker


Hope and Suffering Desmond Tutu

South Africa

Feeling Safe, Feeling Strong:How to Avoid Sexual Abuse and What to Do If It Happens to You Terkel, Susan Neiburg & Janice E. Rench

helps kids understand the difference between healthy touching and sexual abuse

How to Deal with Annoying People 2003 Bob & Kimberly Alyn Phillips
Dear Children 1983 Hattie Larlham
Eating Problems for Breakfast (a simple, creative approach to solving any problem) Hansel, Tim

problem solving

Soul Survivor. How My Faith Survived the Church 2001 Philip Yancey
Stories Behind the Best-loved Songs of Christmas 2001 Ace Collins
Gospel According to Sam (The) 2005 William Miller
Jesus I Never Knew (The) Philip Yancey
After Jesus: The Triumph of Christianity 1992 Reader's Digest
Prayers for Little Boys 2005 Carolyn Larsen


Rice in the Storm (Faith in Struggle in the Philippines) Asedillo, Rebecca C. and B. David Williams, eds.


Eight Paths to Forgiveness 1998 Robert Brizee
Thanks for the Mammogran! 2000 Laura Jensen Walker
Understanding Sexual Identity:A Book for Gay Teens and Their Friends Rench, Janice E.

Sexual Identity

25 Questions You're Afraid to Ask about Love, Sec, and Intimacy 2015 Juli Slattery


The Sensation of Being Somebody (building an adequate self-concept Wagner, Maurice E., Th.M.,Ph.D.