Title Pub Date First Name Last Namesort descending Subject Category
Alice Upside Down. The Movie 2007 Video DVD
WHAT if . . . 2010 Video DVD
Red Boots for Christmas 2002


Video DVD
The Star of Bethelem. Unlock the Mystery of the World's Most Famous Star 2009 Video DVD
Baby Born in a Stable (The)

Luke 2:1-18

Children's Books
The message of the Bible. Lion Library.

Bible reference

Bibles&Bible Study
Lord of the Beans 2005 Video DVD
Kiri and the First Easter

Luke 23:18-24:11

Children's Books
Donkey Daniel in Bethlehem

Luke :1-18

Children's Books
Bridge to Terabithia 2007 Video DVD
Secret Journey (The)

Matt 2:13-23

Children's Books
Soul Surfer 2011 Video DVD
Happiest Search (The)

Matt 2:1-11; Luke 2:8-20

Children's Books
Bible Promise Book (The) 1990 Bibles&Bible Study
Samson's Secret

Judges 13-16

Children's Books
God I've Gotta Talk to You


Children's Books
Doubting Thomas

Matt 10:1-8; John 11:1-45; John 20:1-29

Children's Books
Jesus and the Stranger

Matt 4:1-11

Children's Books
New Interpreter's Bible 1997 Bibles&Bible Study
New Interpreter's Bible Volume XII 1998 Bibles&Bible Study
Boy Who Was Lost (The)

Luke 5:41-52

Children's Books
Braggy King of Babylon (The)

Daniel 4:27-37

Children's Books
Happy Birthday Jesus Music 2010 Audio CD
Boy Who Gave His Lunch Away (The)

John 6:1-15

Children's Books
30 Christmas Songs for kids 2009 Audio CD