Title Pub Date First Namesort descending Last Name Subject Category
Prodigal Son (The) 1990 Roma Bishop Children's Books
Wedding Feast (The) 1990 Roma Bishop Children's Books
St. Murphy's Commandments 1997 Ron Birk God
Splitting Heirs. Giving Your Money and Things to Your Childrenw/o Ruining Their Lives 2004 Ron Blue


Church Life
Heart of the Story (The) 2011 Ron Frazee Inspirational
How God Decorates Heaven for Christmas 2003 Ron and Melody Carlson Mehl


Children's Books
Raising the Roof 1995 Ronald Kidd Children's Books
Grandpa's Hammer 1995 Ronald Kidd Children's Books
Doorway to the World 1996 Ronald Kidd Children's Books
Building Friends 1996 Ronald Kidd Children's Books
Recovering From Churches That Abuse 1994 Ronald Enroth

church abuse

How to Keep a Spiritual Journal 1993 Ronald Klug Inspirational
John the Baptist 1984 Ronald Klug Children's Books
I Am Rosa Parks 1997 Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks

Children's Books
QUIET STRENGTH 1994 Rosa I. Parks Biography
Lost Heiress (The) 2015 Roseanna M. White
Joanna 1993 Rosemary Upton Fiction
Kids Are Funny 1997 Rosie O'Donnel Children's Books
After Anne 2002 Roxanne Henke Fiction
Finding Ruth 2003 Roxanne Henke Fiction
Becoming Olivia 2004 Roxanne Henke Fiction
Forgiven. The Painting by Thomas Blackshear II 1996 Roy Lessin Jesus
More Brief Prayers for Bread and Cup 1986 Russel F. Harrison Worship Resources
Women in the Maze 1992 Ruth A. Tucker


ONE WINTRY NIGHT 1994 Ruth Graham Bell Children's Books