Title Pub Date First Namesort descending Last Name Subject Category
Oregon Brides 2004 Tracey Bateman Fiction
Color of the Soul (The) 2005 Tracey Bateman Fiction
Stress-Less Living. Finding God's Peace in Your Charotic World 2012 Tracie Miles Inspirational
Land of My Heart 2004 Tracie Peterson Fiction
Surrendered Heart (a) 2009 Tracie & Judith Miller Peterson Fiction
Old-Fashioned Christmas (An) 1997 Tracie et al Peterson Fiction
Last Runaway (The) 2013 Tracy Chevalier Fiction
My Bible 1-2-3s 1998 Tracy Harrast Children's Books
Promise Remains. A Love Story (The) 2000 Travis Thrasher Fiction
Watermark (The) 2001 Travis Thrasher Fiction
Memory Jar (The) 2012 Tricia Goyer Fiction
Hope for the Flowers 1972 Trina Paulus Inspirational
Little People in Touch Spots 1972 V. Gilbert & Ronald A Beers Children's Books
Getting Out of Your Kids' Faces and Into Their Hearts 1994 Valerie Bell


Family Life&Parenting
How Did I Get So Busy? The 28-Day Plan to Free Your Time 2007 Valorie Burton Inspirational
Celebrate JOY! Velma Seawell Daniels

Christian life, anecdotes

Old Man and the Tree (The) 2000 Vicki Wisenfeld Children's Books
Dewey. The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World 2008 Vicki w/Bret Witter Myron Inspirational
There's No Place Like Hope. A Guide to Beating Cancer in Mind-sized Bites 2001 Vickie Girard Inspirational
Seeds That Grew to Be a hundred (the) 3975 Victor Mann Children's Books
He Remembered to SayThank You 1976 Victor Mann Children's Books
Velma Still Cooks in Leeway 2000 Vinita Hampton Wright Fiction
WHAT IS FAITH Virginia Mueller


Children's Books
JACOB'S LADDER Virginia Mueller

GENESIS 28:10-22

Children's Books
King's Invitation (the) 1968 Virginia Mueller

Wedding Feast

Children's Books