Electronic Giving: Churchtrac

Account Setup:

Sign up here or scan the qrcode below.

Electronic Giving: Venmo

Account Setup:

  1. Download one of the mobile apps: iOS & Android (Venmo does not have a Windows app)
  2. Open the Venmo app
  3. Choose your sign up method and create a secure password (between 8 and 32 characters long)
  4. Verify your phone number and email address
  5. Add and verify your bank account

You can also sign up for Venmo from your computer.

Making Payments:

  1. Open Venmo app icon. If you aren’t logged in, enter you email address and password when prompted. You may have to verify your account by entering a security code that will be sent to your Venmo phone number
  2. Tap the “Pay or Request” icon. It is a feather-shaped icon in the top-right corner of the screen or if android user in the bottom-right.
  3. You can add the church as a “friend” from your profile/find friends/type “firstc”. First Christian Church – Kent should come to the top. Click on First Christian Church – Kent and then Add Friend
  4. If you have not added First Christian Church as a Friend. Search for the church by typing “firstc”, First Christian Church – Kent should come to the top and tap the name in the “To” field. Tap Done when finished.
  5. Enter the amount to be sent using a decimal point.
  6. Add a note – What is it for (Estimate of Giving, Special Offering, Camp, etc.) so the Financial Secretary and Treasury can give note it properly on your church account.
  7. Determine who you want to see your payment. By default your payments are public. Change to either Friends or Private. With Private on you and the recipient can see the payment.
  8. Tap the pay button in the lower right. You may be prompted to enter the last four digits of the church’s phone number. The church account is currently linked to the Treasurer’s cell phone. The last four digits are “9180”
  9. Tap the pay button when prompted. Doing so will send your money to the recipient showing the amount and recipient’s name